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How Green is Green?
Every time we reduce our carbon footprint, every time we use a sustainable material, every time we plan to conserve, we protect our natural resources. Hank will work with you to design a home that will fit into our desert lifestyle beautifully while it preserves our environment. Together, you can discuss which energy saving and conservation strategies you want to incorporate in your home. There are are wide-ranging options from grid tie-ins that return energy for use by others to simply insulating a new home to save energy every day. Your home can be as green as you like. Hank will work with you to help you choose the energy saving strategies that work best for your home site, your budget and the way you live.

Green Qualifications:
Hank is your expert. He has earned his LEED Accredited Professional designation from the United States Green Building Council. As a member of the National Association of Home Builders, he has completed the requirements to be designated as a Certified Green Professional. Hank is an active member of the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association Green Build Council and Technical Subcommittee.

Hank has the experience you want. He has already certified several of his new homes through Pima County's Green Building Certification Program. Best of all, Hank will work with you throught the green building process to give you the level of savings that is right for you.